Yesterday's Surprises: Rainbows & Zinnias

Yesterday I had two surprises come my way. One was this lovely double rainbow that occurred just before sunset. It was quite vibrant and the colors where stunning.
I had forgotten how amazing they really are and what a surprise to see another one form right before my eyes.

The other surprise came as a little package from UPS. I had totally forgot that I requested some samples from a fabric company Link Design ( after I had seen their fabric in Martha Stewart Living July 2010. The arrived in such a pretty package that I had to snap a photo of it.
Inside were two gorgeous 10" x 10" pieces of Zinnia (yes, I know) fabric in Stone and Pumpkin.

The photo does not do the fabric justice since the colors are beautiful and the fabric feels durable yet soft at the same time. It is intended for out door use but I could see it as curtains,pillows and maybe a beach tote. I am sure I will find some use for it since it is my flower of obsession. 


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