Zinnia Apron

I have been blogging about this obsession with Zinnias for a few weeks and didn't realize how far it had gone. A few weeks back I decided to make an Apron for a retiring colleague at work. I wanted to make something since I wanted my gift to be personal. I first bought and downloaded the pattern from You Can Make This.
The instructions are for two different styles but the body of the apron is the same. I selected the one on the right in red since it looked and seemed simpler to make. I selected a beautiful multi colored flower fabric with a brown background. At this time my Zinnia obsession had not started and I just noticed over the weekend that the fabric has them in it! Subconscious telling me something! I was worried that my sewing skills would not be up to the task, but I took my time and was very pleased and proud of the results.

I changed the pattern slightly on the bottom since I didn't care for the scalloped edge for two reasons. It looked to cutesy for the person who will receive it and it looked complicated and I really didn't want to attempt it on this gift. It took me about 3 weeks to complete since I only worked on it a little at a time on the weekends,but if I had about 2-3 hours of uninterrupted sewing time I could complete it in that time. Once I got thru one and reading all the instructions,it was quite easy. I would highly recommend the You Can Make This patterns, they are well written and easy to follow. Now all I have to do is find some more Zinnia fabric and make another apron!


  1. hmm... my name is Zinnia- so i think this apron was actually meant for me. :)

    great job on the apron! :)


  2. You did a wonderful job. The zinna's work for me :). Thanks for linking with Fabric Fun Thursday.


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