Garden Mishap

Here in the Northeast we have had strange weather so far this Spring and Summer. It has either been very very hot or cold and I think this has really effected my plantings. The back garden has grown out of control and many plants have already bloomed.

The garden is a great destination for numerous visitors,most recently these beautiful fellows.

The garden mishap has to do with my large planters and my yellow Dahlias.

This is the before photo taken in May. I have planted Dahlias before and they sometimes flag in the high heat of the summer, but just last week mine dried up and died. I had to replace them with some heat resistant Zinnias.
As you can see the other plants have gotten huge and lovely and you an barely see the Zinnias in the back but there was a large spot that needed to be filled. I will just have to wait and see how they progress and hope that I don't have another garden mishap.


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