I Can Make Anything

Well I think I can make anything. I am notorious for saying this when I see any item in a shop or a catalog. I get some weird sense of confidence that I can figure out how things are made just by looking at them. It's as if I have perfect pitch in the world of crafting,But I really don't since sometimes I am successful about 75% of the time and that isn't near perfect. Which leads me to this weekends list of projects. One project was to make myself a wallet. I started with two ideas and instructions. The first arrived on Saturday's mail in Ready Made Magazine.
This was made from a comic book and is constructed from some simple folds and sewing. I planned to use the design as a guide since I did not want to make it out of a comic book. Next was the tutorial I found that is from www.burdastyle.com and was for a larger than what I wanted but thought I could alter the pattern a bit to make exactly what I wanted.

I wanted to make just the inside lower part for credit cards and a pocket for bills. I started out with some nice fabric that was leftover from a kitchen curtain.

I have very little of this left and I love the color combination and design,it killed me to cut it up but I knew I would have a lovely wallet when I was done. Next was the pockets for credit cards, this was easy and sewed up quickly. The confidence growing, I started to move quickly and fast.

Next was to sew all the pockets together to finish the inside. At this point my confidence was at an all time high. It was really going to turn out great! I was excited and started to move even more quickly.

Then I stalled and could not figure out how to sew the front and inside together so that there were no raw edges. The confidence had over took me at some point and I started to work to fast.
This is the back and inside pocket and I had to take it apart and then sew it to the inside and then turn right side out. Then the outside I topstitched to the inside and then it hit me, I had completely ruined it and the fabric. I can't even post of photo of it since it looks so horrible and not sure if I will attempt again. I think I will have to remember this lesson when I am attempted to say.. I can make that!


  1. Love this! Thanks for sharing the inspiration.

  2. Oh man, when I saw the pic for this post, I thought you made that awesome comic wallet, um hello I love that. I love what you came up with, also and I totally do the same thing, every time I see something. Im like ohh I can do that,,, he he,,, most of the time I never get around to it, but it sure saves me a whole lot of impulse buys. :)


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