Leather Zinnia Pillow

A few weeks back I made a felt Zinnia pillow. At that time I also had elude to making it in a black fabric as well. That fabric was actually leather and I finally completed it over the weekend and was not much different from the felt just a little bit more difficult to sew. First I traced my circle with a plate on a 19" x 19" square of fabric
Then I started sewing my petals of black leather.

At this point I realized that the leather would most likely need to be trimmed more and you can see the crocking (lint) left from the leather. I probably should have used a darker fabric but this was all that I had that would not clash with the design. I also ran into another problem, I did not have enough of the dark leather to complete a full flower, so I had to improvise. I had to use another color of leather.

I laid out the petals to see if I like the color combination first before I sewed them on. I liked the colors so I decided to finish it.

I think it came out lovely and I finished the center with a pearl like bead since sewing the center ( I tried) with my sewing machine was quite difficult. Next time I will try it with all the same color of leather if I can find it!


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