On the Weekend To Do List

I have so many things on my list that I not sure what I will be able to get them all done. I still need to update on one project from last weekend that went bad, seems like the theme for last weekend. But I am on to me new list and hopefully this weekend will be better. First is this modge podge project, still in the works but getting close to being done.
After the wallet disaster from last weekend, I will be trying again. This time with a pattern that looks super easy.. I feel an obsession coming on again.

Add this hand towel apron to the list since I think I really need to try to make since so many of you seem to be looking for a pattern for it and was featured in Southern Living.

And lastly,I bought these painting instructions (for .97!) to help me work out some painting issues. I haven't painted in awhile and feel the need to, but needed some instruction before I attempt this next project.
That is it for now. I am on vacation today and hope to get a head start on at least one. As always I will post results next week.  Have a Great Weekend!


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