Patriotic Craft

Even though it is the day after the fourth, I thought I would share my latest item that I made just before going to a 4th of July party. We had decided to bring cheese tray but I wanted to look Patriotic for the Holiday. I first started with some stars and stripes fabric.
I wanted to make something just to put over the tray for under the cheese, so I just laid the fabric out next to the tray and eyeballed it to figure out the design.

Just a few strips of each color sewn together and then sewed around the edges and I was done. Took less than 1/2 hour to make.

My next dilemma was toothpicks. I don't have a fancy toothpick holder and did not buy any fancy toothpicks. So I had to figure something out. This was all I had to work with.

So I decided to make little toothpick haystacks. That a hand full of toothpicks and wrap with a rubber band.

You need to dress it up a little with some fabric ties.

Next just poke a few out higher than the rest so guest can select a toothpick and you have a cheap and easy toothpick holder. Then I was set for my cheeses.
Happy Fourth of July! (even though it is the 5th)!


  1. really lovely

    btw if you have a really good diy tutorial, do link it up:

    our readers love fine creative projects, particularly those athat are a bit unusual and truly unique.



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