Pretty Fabric Flower Attempt

I attempted to create a few fabric flowers over the weekend that had been on my 'to do' list for awhile now. I started with three different fabrics that I thought would make nice flowers.
I cut 2 strips 2 1/2" x 24"of each fabric. The I sewed two strips together to make one long strip. Next I folded the strip in half and zig zag stitched the edge and sides.

Then I needed to gather the strip and this was the most amazing and frustration step of all. Per the instructions you are to increase your stitch length on you machines to the highest it would go and increase the thread tension as high as it would go as well. I did this and began to sew. I was amazed as the strip gathered beautifully off the back of my machine. It came out looking like this! Perfect!
My next attempt was not so perfect. The fabric did not gather and my machine just sewed along doing nothing. It came out looking like this.

Well maybe I made it look worse since I think I balled it up and threw it a few times. I am not sure what happened. I tried it numerous times and it still didn't work. I think two things may have been working against me. One is that I was working outside and maybe my machine was getting too hot in the super hot and humid heat and the other was that I was on verge of getting the stomach flu (that kept me in bed for two days!) and I might not have been thinking quite clearly. I will revisit the two other strips and see if I can fix them this weekend. I did at least finish one flower before sickness took my motivation.

The last step is to wind the strip it around itself and sew together. (sorry not photos,like I said I got sick) It turned out very lovely and pretty. I think it would look lovely on a cardigan this fall or maybe late summer. For right now I have it on favorite garden hat for the summer.

Easy and simple and plan to make more once I figure out that machine trick. I will make sure I post more of my fabric flower attempts,maybe next week.


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