Project List for the Weekend

I feel like I have so many things on my list these days and have not completed anything. A few of my projects are items I am working on for other people so it takes away a little of my creative time. Plus once again my brain has been day dreaming and finding some other ideas for me to work on. Here are more items I have added to the list. I do have another cute tote to be made out of this fabric and destine to be sold.
Another project I would like to explore are these fishnet bottles. I will need to figure out how to knot or weave the fishnet first and then look for some interesting bottles to cover.

Next on the list, a new wallet. This project might be out of my expertise in sewing but I truly need a new and smaller wallet than the one I have,so why not try to sew one!

At lastly my decoupage project that I had an idea for early this week. I started it but need to focus more than a few minutes each night after work. I have progress but not finished yet to show photo. Here are the materials that I have started with.

and this lovely fabric scrap.

So that is the project list so far. Oh and add an apron and that mod podge t-shirt screening from last weeks blog. I would say I have enough for at least four weekends. Enjoy your weekend and check back to see what I complete!


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