Rethinking and Reusing

I have been thinking,sometimes not a good thing, about on how to reuse cardboard or other recyclable items in crafts. The amount of newspaper and plastic that we recycle every week amazes me. There has to be something else we can do with it. Then in the mail comes Do It Yourself magazine and they have some great ideas for some recyclable items. First are these painting, they are old paper bags (if you still get them at the store) but I guess you could use newspaper or cardboard as well.
A very simple idea of three strips of color and framed in white. I might have to try this before I throw out another piece of cardboard. Another idea is to take a leftover core from a roll of ribbon and make a bracelet out of it.

I thinking I might have done this in Girl Scouts years ago with photos from magazines, but with all the fabric scraps that I have I could make at least ten! Just some ideas to get my brain thinking in a direction for now and see what it can come up with! Just while I was typing this I had an idea! I will sure to post later in the week!


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