Where I Create - Before and After

I have a nice space to sew and craft in, but it's not always been that way. It is in our basement and it was cold and uninviting. I also use to have a bit of an organizational problem and my craft room started out looking like this.

A mess with stuff every where and that ugly dark rug that showed every piece of thread. Not to mention the panelling which needed to be changed and the fact that I was not using the space very efficiently.
The space just wasn't fun or inspiring to create in, until I started to paint. This space has actually been painted twice due to a flood we had 2 years ago and follow are the photos from the second remodel. The paint color is Honeydew Mellon (Maratha Stewart) and I am not sure they even make the color anymore but I have been carrying around this paint chip for years (used it in my bedroom as well, I like color!)

We decided after the flood to create a wainscoting effect and a chair rail. (strips on wall are for shelves).

I love the color contrast of the two colors and it was so exciting to see it come together little by little. This is what it looks like today, well with some minor changes and the fact that right now my table is covered in fabric and supplies.

On the other side I purchased a painting table that can be laid flat as well so it can be used as another work surface.

I have a few more plans for the space including a makeover for the desk chair above and reworking the storage since my fabric supplies seem to be growing. But for now I can say that this is a wonderful place to create and thankful for the time and effort that was spent to create it for me. It is my sanctuary.

PS: Tomorrow I will post my project for the weekend!


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