Estate Sales

This past weekend I visited an Estate Sale not far from my home. I first made a drive by on my way home from work just to see of it might be worth my time. Estate sales seem to be hit or miss, especially what day you go. I was lucky enough to go to this particular sale on a Friday. It was just a short walk away and was a cute little home filled with all sorts of items. Numerous trunks and wooden boxes (over priced I might add) and everything possible had prices even half used cleaning items. I came across this interesting box marked $5.00.
Filled to the brim inside with these...

I thought at first because I saw numbers that they were bingo numbers, but I saw numbers,letters and fractions. I knew then that they were typewriter key inserts and I knew had to have them for some type of craft. After further investigation they are Remington Rand typewriter key inserts and thanks to google I learned so much about typewriters! Then I found was a single curtain and loved the color and the fabric and knew I could make something out of it and possible it could be one of my mini tote (still available here)

I love the color and might possible use it for a cushion or chair upholstery since it is a nice heavy weight.It had a few stains in it but I washed it and it looks pretty good. Estate Sales are like treasure hunts for me and I get very excited when I fine something unusual or fun. But on the other had they make me very sad since these items where part of someones life. At this  sale,inside the garage door, there were hand prints of children with their names and dates. It made me stop and think and to tread lightly with my excitement about the sale. So with respect I bought my items and took them home to find new lives for them. Come back and see what I make with them!


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