The Ever Growing Project List

My weekend list seems to be getting longer with every week that passes. At least I have completed a few project and shown the results, but once one item drops off the list another two or three appear! I guess it keeps my brain happy to be thinking about all these projects everyday. So here is my list for this weekend and I will have the results for you next week. First is this lovely painting, it is done by Susan Dory and you can view her work here.
I think I might use this as an inspiration for some painting projects that have been rolling around in my head for the past few weeks. I love the colors and the simple nature of the stripes. I will see what I can come up with. Next is a cork board. I have a extra large one in my office/spare bedroom and it looks a bit unfinished and messy. I think this simple idea.

Maybe just adding some ribbon or a border to mine might dress it up a little or maybe just organize it better? Hmm I feel a before and after photo session coming possibly this weekend! Last is this halter top that I really wanted to make before a summer trip, not sure if it will happen but still on the list.

This is another great pattern from and hopefully someday I will! That is it for now since I still have a few things from last weekends list, apron,painting,fishnet bottle...Better get started!


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