Fabric Warehouse

My husband and I have come to the conclusion that our patio cushions need to be replaced just after a year of using them. They are not a standard size (of course) and need to be custom made.
I was never really a fan of the cushion fabric that came with the set but I figured I could live with it for a few years! Well not so, they are getting a little worn and the foam is really compressed. We did some research online and found one site that would make them for around $350-$400. I wasn't sure if this was a good price or not, so we started to investigate a few more options. First was to buy off the rack, but this is not possible because ours are an odd size. Second, make them myself. I really don't think I have the skills or the machine to handle this option, so I will pass. Third was to have them made locally. I think we will chose this option once I get the total price based on what I am about to write. We visited the Fabric Warehouse in Lockport,NY this past weekend and I was amazed at their prices and the selection. Famous name brands (closeouts) at ridiculously low prices.

I can't tell enough people about the prices, lower than if it was on sale or if I had coupon at any large retail store. I am sure to go back after this initial purchase is made for fabric for a few of my tote bags. Back to the cushions, I wanted something with green and brown and I found these three that are all outdoor fabrics.
I like all of them but wasn't sure which I would like compared with the furniture,awning and surroundings,but once I got them home the brown linen look fabric looked the best. The other two were too busy for the cushion but the paisley might be good for pillows and the stripe I love but it does not compliment or match the stripe in our awning. So the last step is to find someone to sew them up for me and have a call in to someone that the store recommend. Based on that price, then we will decided to move forward or not, but if not I have a great source for some lovely fabrics and supporting locale business as well!


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