Four Headbands for Tuesday

I have become obsessed with making the easy scrap headband that I blogged about last week. They are so easy to make and they use up all my scrap fabric that I have laying around. I made four over the weekend that will most likely headed to my etsy shop. I did purchase 1/8" braided elastic and some additional velvet ribbon. I think the elastic looks better and is easier to work with. Here are the four headbands that I have made so far (excuse my model, she needs to more time in the am to prepare her hair!) and the names I have given them.
Made with Heather Bailey Slim Dandy Pink- I like to call Taffy Stripe.
Made with Michael Miller Fabric..I like to call it Coffee Talk.

Made with Michael Miller Fabric - I like to call Seeing Dots

Lastly.. I made one in a Metallic leather..I like to call Space Suit.

I am still tweaking the design and the stitching as you can see they are slightly different from each other, but soon they will be available for sale. I have plenty of new and exciting fabrics to use and can't wait to use them! Enjoy!


  1. I am addicted to headbands! Love all of them especially "Coffee Talk".


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