Mod Podge Silk Screening

Mod Podge, heard of it, never used it until I tumbled across this blog and had to try silk screening. It looked  easy enough and the instructions are great. I already had a t-shirt,so all I need was paint, Mod Podge, a curtain sheer and an image to use. For my image I wanted something organic and simple, so I settled on this fern.
Next you trace this on to a piece of sheer fabric. I went looking for a cheap sheer curtain and could not find one, but I had a scrap of a sheer fabric and used that instead. I placed the sheer in an embroidery hoop and traced with a sharpie.

The next step was the most time consuming and took two weekends to complete. You had to completely paint out with Mod Podge the areas you do not want paint in. This took about 2-3 coats since you really want to seal up the holes so paint does not bleed thru.

It needed to dry at least 15-20 minutes,maybe more in heat and humidity and then you are ready to screen. Now this is easy you lay it down on your t-shirt and just start painting. Making sure to get all the areas and I had to paint over at least 2-3 times to get a good transfer.

But the results are amazing! Very organic and not perfect, but that was what I wanted. 

I only used two of the leaves since my hoop would not accommodate a third. I screened three time on this shirt and it worked great each time.

Along the bottom and in the center of the back.

Three times is about all the screen could handle until it started to get clogged, but I tried on another t-shirt for practice.

The ferns started to get fuzzy and this color after it dried did not show up well on the brown. Last step on the green shirt, I cut the collar and sleeves for a more ragged edge detail to add to the organic feel.

Hard to see but I cut the collar in half and then cut the front part about 1/2 the length of the back part. This is the finished product and to quote my Husband.."Looks like you bought it that way"

And the back.
This was really fun and amazing how it worked out so well. I can't wait to make more! I highly recommend trying this! You too will be amazed!


  1. Well hallo and I'm glad you found me! Yours turned out great! I love it -

  2. What an amazing idea. You did a great job. Thanks for linking with Fabric Fun Thursday :).

  3. How clever! I love how yours turned out. Spotted you on Shabby Nest's link party, btw.

  4. Cool, never thought to try it with mod podge. That stuff is so multipurpose. Ever tried printing with freezer paper?? It's a little more simple and produces great results.


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