Painting Some New Art

I caught the painting bug about 3 years ago while on vacation in North Carolina. We were wandering around a local shop that featured local painters and I was impressed and inspired by all the interesting works of art. I came back, bought some paint and spent an entire summer painting everything I could get get my hands on. I haven't been as prolific as that summer, but I still love to paint and find inspiration everywhere. Mostly I find them in books and catalogs and are usually compositions full of color. Here are some of my favorites...

They are my inspiration and I love how the colors blend one into the other without any discernible line. About 3 years ago I painted these two companion pieces and they are now in our living room. I love the color combinations and now that part of the room is painted orange, they make a great accent to the contrasting wall.
But now they look lonely since we moved a large ball light out of the living room and into the office. So there is now more wall exposed and these two paintings look too small for the space. The solution was to paint two more, so that is what I did over the weekend. I used the same colors but added a little white to lighten the colors a bit. Here are the two new paintings, yet to be hug, but I think they look fantastic.

They are a little more subtle than the other two but I think that they will work together once they are up on the wall. It is such a wonderful craft that I truly love. Now just to find more room in my home for all paintings that are rolling around in my head. Enjoy!


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