Pillowcase Upcycle

 I recently purchased a set of King Sheets and with the set you always get the huge King pillowcase. Now  I don't have those large pillows and usually just use them as they are and the pillows look like little sisters in hand me down clothes. So I decided to make them fit my regular pillows once and for all.  First I took the King pillow case and laid on top of a regular case to see how much I needed to cut off.
I cut a piece about 10" long off each end of each case.

This is pretty simple so I won't shown the steps. I turned the case inside out and then sewed it up. Now I have one regular pillow case! I did the same to the other one and in 5 minutes I have two new useable cases. Now not wanting to waist the piece that I cut off from each case, I decided to spruce up some old cases. First I cut about 9" off each case.

As you can see the corners of the case had come undone and I had already mended this pillow case once already. Next  I trimmed by piece from the king case to fit with the new one.

King cases are not only longer, they are also wider by about 1, So I matched it up and pinned exactly where I wanted to sew.

Here is my new piece ready to be attached to the old pillow case. Next I turned it right side out and pinned it to the inside of the old case that was turned inside out.

At first I really had to think about this, but it is correct. Just make sure both right sides are together. I then pinned and sewed it up and result is brand new case.

And it matches the new ones! I love when things match and projects turn out perfect! This is a great way to utilize new pillowcases and upcycle your old one too! Enjoy!


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