Project List for the Weekend

Once again the weekend is near and the list is growing longer. I have such high hopes on a Friday morning about all the things I want to make, I guess need a three day weekend more often. The first thing on the list is the Ikea Hack that I eluded to last week.
I have recently read that these magazine holders are not that good, but I hope to spruce them up and make them really useful and sturdy.
Next is something I have been drooling over and wanting for a long time. A nice bulletin board for either my office or my craft room or both. I love both of these styles from Ballard Design and I am sure they are easily reproducible.

Just a basic board with a nice wooden border and what is better than one...two

These are Sisal covered and I think they would work great in my office. I love the long and lean look! 
Lastly is something that is truly strange but I think it might work. 

Dressing up a Refrigerator and it does not involve paint. This make be a make or break project since I am not sure exactly how to start.. But it give me something to think about. That is it for this week! Enjoy and have a great Weekend!


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