A Shameless Plug

I have been making things for as long as I can remember. Over the years I have made everything from Birthday cards to costumes to Christmas trees. Yes, I made my own Christmas tree at the age of 9, I cut pine tree bows and fashioned a Christmas tree from a coffee can,sticks and twine. I just wanted a tree of my own in my bedroom so I made one. The things that I have made have either been for me or most of the time as gifts. I have never ventured into selling anything I have made since I have little confidence it what I make it actually sellable. Plus I am not that good at blowing my own horn, so this is quite painful. So here I go trying this shameless plug of my Etsy shop  It's just a few things that I have made and some that have been featured on this Blog. Mini Totes:


Felt Zinnia Pillow
Pin Cushions

Okay the shameless plug is over and I can go back to making things again. Enjoy and maybe stop by my shop 


  1. hehe, I love that you are promoting yourself, how else are people supposed to hear about you. You go girl, just keep it going, and people will come. Cute little shop so far, :)


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