Tennis 2010

I have been a huge tennis fan for years and have played almost all my life. We have be attending the Western & Southern Financial Tennis Tournament (part of the US Open series) for two years now. It is wonderful experience not only for the Tennis, but the people and the facility it is held in. I can't say enough about the tournament other than each year I am impressed with the way it is run and the high quality of tennis.  We saw so many players....
Justin Gimelstob - now a commentator

John Isner - Wimbledon fame and a great player for his size! (6' 9")

Andy Roddick, My favorite,practicing.

My not so favorite, Maria Sharpova looking straight head and not acknowledging fans.

Another Favorite,Kim Clijsters, winner of the Tournament,on her way to be interviewed.
It was an amazing weekend, (with a side trip to Ikea), in the heat and humidity and two rain delays and then walking back to the car in mud. But what is a trip without some unexpected fun. I am glad to be back and will be back to blogging about creating tomorrow.


  1. How fun! We're heading up to Arthur Ashe Stadium next Saturday for kids's our first time! My son (7) is beyond excited....he's the tennis player in our family!


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