An Artists' Retreat

I don't consider myself much of an Artist, but I might consider it after yesterdays post of my paintings. Thank you for all the lovely comments. If I truly were an artist then I would need a retreat like this one in Maine.
It's on a remote island and the couple Bo Barlett and Betsy Eby spend their summers there (June thru September) painting and creating. It is only accessible by boat and the views are spectacular.

I am not sure if I could create here since I would be constantly sitting on the deck looking at the ocean. It would be very quiet and I suppose I would get use to it and start connecting with nature. If my studio looked like this...

I probably could paint something wonderful too. But the view would still distract me from my work..
So I am not sure if this is an Artists' Retreat or a vacation home, but in either case it is a lovely place to escape from the world! Enjoy

ps: Image courtesy of Coastal Living, September 2010


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