Before and After #2

The weekend was productive and I have yet another before and after to show. Now this project was two project combined.  I wanted to make something cute for my two twin nephews and I started with these two adorable fleece pullovers.
The next part of the project I completed last week and they were these cute Monkey Face Patches made from felt.

Super easy and fun to make, find the directions here . The next dilemma was how to attach them to the fleece. Ironing them on would melt the fleece and sewing them seemed a little to complicated and might make the patch look to busy. I also thought about velcro, but ended up using snaps.

I thought this was the best idea since the patches can be removed when the fleece are washed and when the boys grow out of them the patch can be used on another garment. It was a little time consuming since I had to line up five snaps, but after I got the first one done, it became a little easier. I just took my time and sewed one snap set at a time. Making sure as I went along that they lined up and the patch laid flat. The end result was so cute and I can't wait to see the twins wearing them.

So that is two projects off my list of five from the weekend. It's amazing what I can get done when I have a list and I make a commitment to finish a project. Oh and an extra day off helped too! Enjoy!


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