Confession for Tuesday

I have a confession for today, I am not as neat as I think I am.  I tend to think I am organized and everything has it's place. Well after the last few weeks of creating I think this might not be true. You see I have a little secret that I hide in my craft room and it is called a large mess. Lately my craft room has looked like this..
and this.....

and this drawer...that needs a makeover...

So I took a little time this weekend to clean it all up and put everything away and do a little organizing. Remember the huge box of seam binding (that I still have many projects planned for)..

I found a home for it in the messy drawer above, but needed to organize it better. I found these wire baskets at the Dollar Store looked like they might help..

They come in a variety of size and economically use drawer space. So after cleaning out the drawer, I had a nice organized place for my sewing supplies and notions.

Not very exciting, but to me a little organization makes me happy. Oh and for the other messes in the room.. they are completely gone but just waiting for me to mess it up again. What is the saying.."A messy desk is a sign of a creative mind".. I can accept that for awhile and then I need to organize. Enjoy!


  1. Don`t worry Janet! My crafty room and table is better with mess than yours!!!!! And I`m going to sew right now,who knows,maybe we get our`s inspiration in that view :) All the best,Raki♥


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