Fall Flower Spruce Up

The long hot summer has been very good to my garden and flower pots, although it seems everything grew  fast, big and out of control.  My flower pots were no different, they too had a lovely growing season as well. This is what they looked like at the end of May.
They look so small and cute and then all summer they grew and grew and grew and became this...
They were looking a bit over grown and ratty, so I knew it was time to either trim them or plant something new. I opted for something new and hardy mum's were the choice. I chose a nice dark burgundy brown color, although not many flowers are open yet, I think they will be beautiful. I also spruced up the pots a little with a small piece of fabric.

This was not easy to get to stay on the pot, I wrestled with it for about an hour before I got it to stay in place. Once it was secure, I thought it needed something else that would make it look a little more fallish. So I add a little twine, which also helped to secure the fabric as well.

I think it looks great but will look even better when the flowers start opening up and maybe the sun comes out! Hope you had a great weekend and Enjoy!


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