I've got a Secret

I've got a secret and it has been making me less motivated than normal with my crafting. I am headed here....
in just a few days. This will be the view from my beach chair and it is all that I can think about.My brain has already been there for a few days so my creative ideas are not really flowing well (as you can see from yesterday's post!) But before it left for vacation, I was able to create more headbands that will be in my Etsy shop here  when I return..
I created these headbands in this new fabric...
Some great fabric scraps from my stash that are modern and fresh.
Also this new design with two strips of fabric.

This was super fun to make and after I figured out how to make them fit just right, the sewing went very fast. These will be available in many fabrics in my Etsy shop after I return from vacation.Please bear with me over the next few days while I get my motivation back and maybe I will have more secrets to tell! Enjoy!


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