Seems like I am really good at making list but not good at crossing things off those so called lists. I think I write a list every few days with the projects that I would like to try or create. I find inspiration everywhere from the changing of the seasons to the shape of a paperclip. Inspiration is right in front of me sometimes and today I have a list of the items that are inspiring my next projects.
First is this incredible Fabric cuff that I saw here on Etsy
I think they are stunning and they have inspired me find other was to use fabric in unusual ways.
Second is the change of the season and the color of leafs..

There is something so beautiful about the way leafs change so gradually and the colors can be so brilliant.
Third is the approach of Halloween, one of my favorite holidays, and the simple images of pumpkins and ghost.

I just love the vintage feel of some basic Halloween clip art. I think it is because Halloween was a time for me to make my own costumes and decorations so these are the simple images I remind of my childhood. So that is what is inspiring me these days and I hope to have some projects for next week using these inspirations. Enjoy and have a great weekend!


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