Newspaper Pumpkin

I love the white gourds and pumpkins that seem to be coming a staple Halloween decor. Every year I am determined to buy some but get lured away by the bright orange regular pumpkins. So this year I decided to make my own. I must at admit before you read this, I am not totally in love with how these turned out. So you can stop now and turn back if you are scared to read on...
I found these two at the Dollar Store.
The large one is a carvable and the small a plastic hollow pumpkin. I first painted the stems white.

The smaller pumpkin had a removable stem and it was much easier to paint. The larger one took about 2 coat to cover the brown. Next I took the classified section on the newspaper and shred it into 1" strips.

At this point I might had shred it a little narrow or possibly run it thru a shredder to get consistency. Then I took the strips and applied to the pumpkin with Mod Podge. 

This was easy since news print is very thin and the Mod Podge soaks right in and you can glue and coat in one step. Be careful not to get it too wet since the newsprint might tear. 
Then they were done.

I let them dry overnight and on the smaller pumpkin I replaced the stem. Last step was to apply a ribbon with a black pin for accent and they were done.

Now I am not sure I like them yet or they just need a little more styling? I think if I were to attempt again I would try to use narrower paper and apply it more haphazardly instead of in perfect strips. Oh well a project to fix or to re-do, not sure yet.. So enjoy if you can!


  1. janet...I also mod podged. I used apples I found at the dollar store that was already covered in corn husk . I cut up an old book that I found at the good will store, I cut my stripe of paper into one inch stripes adheered one side to the apple and the other had curves in it so I just cut slits into the curves, just like you would if you were sewing on a curve, it makes the paper lay easier, the end results turned out pretty smooth, good luck next time!!!!!


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