11 Years Tomorrow

Tomorrow we will be married for 11 years. We normally don't exchange gifts for our anniversary but buy something that we really need for our home. Last year it was bedroom furniture, which is the first I have ever had in my life. It was all yard sale and hand-me-downs from when I was a teenager (many years ago). So this year we have a few interesting items on the list for our Anniversary. The gift for eleven years is Steel. Now this is a tough one since what is made of steel any longer?Well I thinking I can put a spin on this suggestions. First we will be shopping for a new flat screen TV for my craft room. To watch all those sappy movies that I can't get enough of while I craft my next idea. I am sure we will get this TV for a Steal! Then for my husband, I will be making a curtain to block the light from craft room that sneaks it to his Home Theater room. This will give him to tranquility and darkness to steal awhile time from the outside world. So Steal it is! Oh and my Husband did steal my heart 11+ years ago and continues to every single day. I would change a single moment good and bad over the last 11 years,I love you David!


  1. Congratulations on your anniversary! And I think the frame thingies that hold up the flat screens on the wall are steel right? Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day... =0)

  2. Happy Anniversary, Janet! Enjoy the day together!


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