Clothing as Art

I like to follow fashion although I might not always dress as if I do,but it still is a little bit of an obsession. I like to see what is new for the next season and see if I can incorporate any of it into my not so fashionable wardrobe. Over the weekend I found these lovely art inspired dresses on some celebrities in Instyle magazine.
They look as though they are wearing watercolor art and would look lovely hanging on a wall. Then I found these dresses in Do It Yourself magazine and you can hang these on the wall.
No sewing involved with these dresses, just cut and paste and you have instant wall art. It's really not a costly investment to upgrade your wardrobe. Super Easy and you don't need a stylist or great shoes. I think I chose this option of clothing as art for myself since I think I can make this for less than buying new clothes! Enjoy!


  1. I think the wall art dresses would make an adorable project for a little girl's bedroom!

  2. I agree Jami. I think it would be adorable. Maybe in a laundry room as well!


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