Halloween Beans

I am not sure how I came up with this idea since I rarely cook and wandering around the grocery store I stumbled upon these Navy Beans.
When I saw them, I didn't think food I thought subtle Halloween. I am leaning towards whites and blacks this Halloween since my main living area is Orange and too much Orange can be a very bad thing. I first needed to make the beans look Halloweenie..
So I bought these Halloween Glitter Pumpkins that would work just perfect for my decoration idea. We have an entertainment unit with glass doors and currently it looks like like this on both sides.
Yes those are Antique Christmas ornaments, but I love colors and the sparkle. So I took the glass containers out and filled them with beans.
Next I took two of the glitter stickers and placed them in the beans.
So easy! The beans were about $1.39 and the stickers here $1.00. But look how cute and you could take the stickers out and replace with just about anything,, snowflakes,leafs,turkeys or buttons! Numerous ideas that could be changed for the seasons. I also put just one on each side in case it was viewed from the side.
Then I finished up the second one..
So simple and easy and took 10 minutes max!

Here they are on the bookcase for now since I love how they look! Seriously easy and if you don't have the containers you could use Glasses or Mason Jars. You could also use different kinds of beans as well! So go and try it and Enjoy!


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