Original or Copy?

Sometimes I think I have a great idea and then sometimes I wonder if I subliminally absorbing images while browsing thru magazines and sale ads. I recently came across two items that look very similar to projects that I have completed. First is this scarf in a recent Sunday Target ad.
The purple scarf, second from the right looks vaguely familiar to my grey scarf I made a few months back.
I swear I never say it at Target and came up with the idea while playing with my sewing machine settings. I thought I was dreaming when I saw the ad and then thought I was going crazy when I saw this in the recent issue of Martha Stewart Living.
Now this looks very similar to my Pumpkin poofs or poms that I just blogged about yesterday.
Now I really think I am going crazy since I thought of this idea before I even saw that image in Martha Stewart. I am not trying to pat myself of the back, since both images were probably created months before I had my idea but I am just trying to figure out it they are my original ideas or they are copies? You decided and Enjoy!


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