Scrap Fabric Choker

Some years ago I whipped up a ribbon choker a few hours before a Christmas party. It was pretty easy and looked great with my dress. It was just a length of ribbon and an antique cameo sewed with a little velcro on the back.
I thought I could use the same technique for a scrap fabric choker and an antique button. First I started with a scrap of my favorite green fabric.
The a length of bias tape in brown that I made knots in every few inches.
I made the choker par much like my headbands by turning the edges and top sewing and finishing the ends. Next I sewed the bias tape with the knots on to the fabric.
Stitching directly thru the knots since I wanted them to lay flat. Next I applied the velcro. Pretty easy,just need to make sure that it does show when you look at it from the back.
Then lastly applying the button to the center.
And you are done. I think it looks wonderful and plan to make more since it only takes less than an hour to make and the results are lovely.
Super easy and another way to use scrap fabric! Enjoy!


  1. I love scrap fabric projects. Maybe I can whip some of these up for all the girls for christmas.


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