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I am in constant search for the perfect fabrics for projects and I always end up at Tonic Living.  The have a large selection of fabrics and they are awesome when it comes to customer service. They are located in Toronto,Canada but ship to the US at very fair prices. I contacted them recently to have them quote me on two of roman shades and the price (which I won't reveal until I actually purchase them) was unbelievable and reasonable. They sent me images of past projects and I am in love with all of them.
I love this Sweet William fabric and considering it for my Craft Room desk chair, but after seeing it in a roman shade it might be to pretty to sit on and better as a shade.
I like this sunny yellow shade not only for the the color but for the symmetry of the pattern. I like a good geometric pattern but I think the color may not work. I found a few that might work but may order a swatch for only a dollar of possibly the following.

But not sure yet since they may have too much green and might be too busy. You are probably wondering why I don't attempt to make this myself.Well I considered it, there are two things holding me back. One is that I don't think my sewing skills are up to the task and second if i do make them, I am a bit of perfectionist and they will never look right in my eyes. So I think I will leave it up to the professionals so that I don't have to see every mistake I have made. I will keep you posted on the shades and what fabric I select and in the meantime take a look at what Tonic Living has to offer! You won't be disappointed! Enjoy!

PS: I am not in anyway affiliated with Tonic Living and not being paid for this endorsement.


  1. Oh I love these fabrics used on the roman shades. I visited Tonic Living after reading your post and was very impressed with the fabrics and prices. How do you tell, though, the way the way the fabric feels, whether it is a good stiff fabric or a softer vintage-feeling fabric? I also LOVE those roman shades pictured. Just beautiful!

  2. I would suggest getting a sample of a fabric if you are concerned about the texture. Most of those that I have ordered have been a smooth 100% fabric but I know that the Sweet William has a heavier woven texture since I received a sample of it. All their fabrics are of high quality


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