Weekend Thinking List

Normally I make my list for the weekend on Friday but tomorrow's blog will be different for a reason, come back and find out why. But on to the Weekend thinking list since I have a few projects in the works already I have a few that I need to think about, figure out and decided whether to move ahead or not. So let me get started with the list.

1. Readymade Challenge. It was just announced yesterday the Readymade 100 Contest. Winner receives $500 and trip to NY City and your project on the cover. Now I love a contest as long as I win. Yes I have serious competition issues, but they are also picking 100 other winners as well so maybe I have a chance. I am going to start thinking about it and see if I can come up with something amazing. Read the details here. Good Luck! I will let you know after the contest closes Dec 15th what I submitted.

2. I am loving these embroidered pillow from Target and wondering if I should try my hand at making a few. Years ago I was a mean cross stitcher and this is not that far from that skill. It might be worth a test on a few pieces of fabric and some yarn. I will let you know how this goes, since I have a really good idea that just popped into my head as am writing this.
3. An interesting jewelry piece using this antique button that I bought years ago in Canada (hence the Maple Leaf). I have been working on this piece since last week and still think I need to tweak the design a bit, but will think about it more and show you the results next week.
4. I have a desk chair in my craft area that really needs some help. I like the idea of this slipcover since the chair looks like it would be difficult to put back together, but I don't like the skirt idea on this chair. It is a little too foofie (if that is spelled correctly) for me. I might take the idea of a slip cover and taylor it more. Well I see how that turns out as well in the next few weeks.

5.We have Two Winners! Thank you for all your comments on Nerds! I love that there are people just like me out there! Thanks for entering and I plan to have a giveaway once a month now so please come back and enter. So the winner are are Kate  and Becky! I will be emailing you shortly for your info! Thanks for Playing and Enjoy!


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