Clothes Mentor

While talking about cleaning out my closets at work, one of my coworkers suggested that I take some of my clothes to a consignment shop. At first I wasn't interested since I thought it might be a hassle and more work than what it would be worth, but this was different. I first went Clothes Mentor just to see exactly what type of store it was. Well it was clean, well organized and they pay cash for your clothes right on the spot. 
They buy name brand clothes (Gap,Ann Taylor,Chicos,Banana,Old Navy,Express, etc) and must be 1-2 years old and some clothing (Old Navy/Gap) date their clothing so it is easy to tell which items wall within their guidelines. You can also buy clothing as well at super low prices. I saw Gap jeans that normally sell for $70-80 priced at $15! and some items still have the tags and others are used but are in excellent condition. I had been cleaning out my closet and found a few things I decided to take to them.
Most where items that I had not worn in a year or two plus a purse and a scarf(yes they take accessories too) I received $30 for my bag clothes and was planning buy a few pairs of pants with it (prices were $10-12 for name brands!). But all the pants were too short for my long legs. Oh well, I walked away with $30 and I am sure I can find something to spend it on. You can visit Clothes Mentor here and see if there is a store near you. If so, go clean out a closet and make a little $ and Enjoy!


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