Dollar Store Sparklers

I am starting to get ready to decorate for Christmas by breaking out the spray paint and glitter. Last year I bought a set of three battery operated glitter candles at Joann's for about $8.00.
I like the battery operated candle since they don't make a mess,always look perfect and I don't have to worry about forgetting to blow them out. (just turn them off!). I love these but I don't want to spend that much on candles again this year and I found a solution at the Dollar Store.
I removed the plastic film and then proceeded to paint one side with Mod Podge.
I then sprinkled it liberally with gold glitter.
I patted the glitter down a little into the Mod Podge, just so that it got a good hold on the glitter. I glittered one more side and then let it dry for about an hour and then glittered the other two sides.
I let them dry about 3 more hours and they are ready to use.
Perfect,simple and so very easy. Oh and did I say that it cost be $2.00! I will have to make back to the Dollar Store since I think I need to make a few more! Enjoy!


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