Glitter and Sequins by Martha

I have read that the way to decorate your home and yourself this Holiday is with Glitter and Sequins. I love the idea since it makes everything sparkle. Martha Stewart also thinks it is the way to decorate as well since  the December Living is full of Glitz. Just look at the cover!
I don' think you could put much more sparkle on it unless you glittered the cover. I love it although, simple and elegant. There are so many ideas in the magazine that I really need to read it a few more times to let it all soak in,but here are a few of my favorites.
Napkin rings with sequin ball ornaments. I love them and they look like I could make them.
Sequin trim on stockings and sparkly glass bead candle holders. Lovely to look at.
I save the best for last, shiny and big jewelry. How I love costume jewelry and how fun it can be.
Now these I could make and the star is origami made out of faux gold leather! I will have to work on that as well as the other.. hmm I am thinking Christmas present for someone..maybe just me!  So buy some glitter and sequins and attach it anything this Holiday and you will be in high style! Enjoy!

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