I love Color

I love color and it is evident in my home and the clothes I wear. Color, to me, is an expression of creativity. I have used numerous colors in my home and each one evokes a specific memory or emotion.

They are colors that I have probably seen in nature,a photo,in a fabric or in the sky that I instantly fell in love with. I can't explain it but I have some emotional tie to each color. Then just yesterday I came across this book sitting on a work colleagues desk. Luckily I work in a color related field so interesting books and magazines on design and color are readily accessible.(Best perk of my job!)
So I think it might help me with my color love by understanding the history of color. I have only read a few pages but I am intrigued and will be sure to blog about the interesting facts and if it has any insight to my infatuation. Hopefully will unlock the mystery of why I love color. Enjoy!


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