A List of Trees

This Holiday weekend I will be decorating for Christmas. This year I will have about Seven trees to decorate and still have to come up with some ideas for a few. So this Weekend list is all about trees and what they look like before I decorate them.
(1) The main tree, nothing but lights right now but it will be fabulous once I am done.
(2) The outside trees. I have 4 that need to be decorated to withstand snow and wind. This should be a challenge.
(3) Sytrofoam Tree. This is big large one and have yet decided how to tackle it.
(4) Lastly, these tree branches that will be part of a tree that I constructing out of them.
So that is it for the Friday list and its time for me to get going so I can finish all these projects. Have a Nice Weekend and Enjoy!


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