Oh Anthropologie What Can You Teach Me?

This arrived in the mail yesterday and I was surprised and somewhat scared at the same time.
I thought it might have been delivered to late for Halloween, but on further inspection it was just the November Anthropologie catalog. It arrived just in time to teach a few things for possible craft ideas. The first one was this lovely gathered top, that doesn't look to difficult but I am sure I will have to try it.
Nice little gathers and tucks, I will be sure to practice those first before I try it on a shirt. Next are these set of China Cuff Bracelets.
Not exactly sure if they are made from China cups or bowls. Very interesting and different, only thing is how do you keep from breaking them when you are constantly typing on a keyboard? On to the next and this lovely beaded necklace. Now I really think I can make this for less than the asking price of $248.
It is stunning and looks as though it could have been my Grandmothers or at least some of her necklaces cut up and restrung? And then lastly these wonderful and woodsy pendants lights.
They look so homey and warm and most of all easy to make! Will this be the item I had to my list this week? It might or a version of it might make the list. The catalog is actually beautiful photographed and gorgeously styled and yes it did teach me a few things. Enjoy!


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