Selvage Edge Art

I have this bulletin board that need a face lift since the flower is a sticker from the dollar store and just look a little tired and needed to be freshened up.
So I then I  came across Courtney's tutorial at Sweeter than Cupcakes to use the pretty selvage edge of numerous fabrics to make art, I knew I had found the perfect idea.
First I scoured my fabric stash and found tons of edges and got more and more excited after each one I found. How could I have missed this beautiful piece on each fabric? And after doing this, I must say I have a thing for Michael Miller fabric and green! 
I cut mine a little narrower since I had so many and I wanted to use all of them. I ironed the strips and then positioned them on my piece of cardboard measured to fit my opening. Next I adhered the strips with this!
Just brushed on the edge of the strip and underneath so I was left with my cardboard looking like this.
I let it dry and then trimmed the edge.
Next I put one light coat of Mod Podge over the top, just to seal it good.
I let it dry overnight and then placed it in it's new home.
Perfect and a homage to my craft room and sewing projects. I think next I will paint the frame white since I think it will make the fabric pop more! Enjoy and don't forget to visit Courtney at Sweeter than Cupcakes!


  1. This turned out great! I love that you have a bulletin board with it. I know exactly what you mean about having so many edges to choose from.


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