A Strange Weekend List

This weekends list is a little strange since a little imagination is need to keep it interesting. I have also tried to use some funny photos to keep it at least entertaining, so please don't fall asleep until then end. On to the strange list....
(1) This bunch of shredded paper will hopefully become my Christmas Card. I won't share exactly what I am going to create since I am not sure yet! This will be a trial and error or it might just be kindling for a fire!
(2) Caulk the bathroom. Now this sounds really exciting but I found a super easy way to make it straight and clean. You see we updated our bathroom 3 years ago and ever since I have been trying to get a straight and clean caulk line between the wall and tile. Only to end up with caulk everywhere,including my face and very wavy line.

(3) Man Cave vs Woman Cave. Well this is actually Home Theater vs Craft room and a solution to how stop the interference between both caves. This is a fun one and easy solution, just need to start it.

(4) Lastly and the best item on the list. I am getting very close to 100 Followers and this is very exciting to me since I have be blogging for 1 1/2 years and only had about 2 followers for the first year. Thank you all for following and commenting, it inspires me to keep creating and makes me feel a little less nerdy. So once I hit 100 Followers, I will be holding a fabulous giveaway! I am thinking it will include something that I have created along with some craft supplies or book and possibly a gift card. I am still working on the details since I am not sure when I will reach the magic number. So have a lovely weekend and come back next week! Enjoy!


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