Twine Tree Display and a Winner!

Last year I made numerous twine trees to decorate my home.
It was a time consuming task to wrap each tree with twine and then spray paint them silver and gold but they turned out lovely. So this year I am using them again but wanted to display them in a way that would tie into the Christmas tree (yet to be put up or decorated). So I started with some burlap and a frame.
Frame is from the Dollar store and the Burlap (not shown) I bought online for $1.74 a yard. I first spray painted the frame gold.
Next I cut a piece of cardboard the same size as the frame and used it as a template to cut my burlap.
Then I wrapped the burlap around the cardboard and used my glue gun to secure to the back.
This next step is not shown, but I covered the back with brown leftover t-shirt material. Then lastly I attached the gold frame to the top of the burlap with glue.

And the tray is done and it was super easy! It could also be hung and used as a wall display with a ornaments hung from the burlap! or you could embroider designs into the burlap! So many ideas, but I used mine to display my tree.
Just add a few silver ornaments (from the Dollar Store as well) and my decorating is done! I plan to use the burlap more in my decorating this year,so make sure to come back and see what how I am going to use it!

At Last the Winner of the Tonic Living Gift Card and a surprise made by me is SunnySusan! Congratulations! She said "Oh the pillow Sweet William is it and your blog" ! 
Thank  you for all your lovely comments, thank you for following and have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. It's Me!!! Thanks so much...I am so excited....I will email you my address.....yes....Happy Thanksgiving to all


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