Argyle Christmas Tree Forest

I came across these lovely Argyle Trees on Etsy this week and could not pass them up. You can buy then here at Lollibags as a download along with a huge assortment of other Holiday inspired digital images. I chose the Argyle Trees since they are close relative to my Favorite pattern plaid.
I wasn't sure what I was going to make with the but they are so cute I had to do something right away. I took a dollar store frame.
Then I just cut out all the trees that I thought I would need and arrange them in a forest. 
Then arrange them in a the frame, so easy and cute. This is a great craft for a child since there is limited cutting and it is mostly straight cuts. Cute as a gift for Teachers or Grandparents since who wouldn't love a Christmas forest. I think this would be very cute with each tree individually framed in white for a more modern look. Some many ways to use this lovely digital images that I will have to make sure to remember next year! So go download your own forest! and Enjoy!


  1. these are really cute...I am going to the download, thanks and Merry Christmas to you and yours


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