Christmas Past

I think about Christmas past every year at this time. It's probably because I getting older and long for simpler days of what Christmas really means. Like listening to the Firestone Christmas records sitting near the tree.
We found a set of these at an awesome garage sale over the summer and had to have them. I remember listening to Sleigh Ride and bouncing on the good living room chairs with my sister when no one was looking. They are a classic and although they are a bit beat up, I still want to listen to them. I also miss the pure joy of a child to simple gift. As seen in this photo (yeah that is me) with my older sister, being so excited about a inflatable Santa!
What joy in that little face! So simple and sweet. So enjoy some memories from Christmas past and remember what it was like to be excited about Christmas morning and the first snow fall. It only is here once a year! Enjoy!


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