A " I've got to get it done" Weekend List

I still have some holiday decorating that needs to be done this weekend and that is the reason for the title of the list. I must get this list done! So let's get started.

(1) Christmas Tree base. I need to finish the base of my main Christmas tree. I have an idea, but just didn't get to finish is last weekend. Looks pretty sad and bare and just needs to fit with my gold and silver theme.

(2) Christmas cards. I started the process last weekend but only got about 5 done. They are super cute and easy and use a recycled material and some card stock.
(3) Open up and set up another set of outside trees, that just arrived last night, that will grace my front door.
(4) Decorate trees above with a multitude of ornaments and ribbon. This should be fun on 32 degree weather and the threat of snow.
(5)Christmas cookies.I may get to this or I may not,but aren't these pretty!
And that is it for the weekend list and I will let you know what I get done next week. Hopefully it is most of it ! Enjoy!


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