Modern Log Cabin

When I think of a Log cabin I imagine a roaring fire and big comfortable furniture in a snow covered forest. Now when I try to think of a Modern Log cabin, I have a difficult time envisioning clean lines and logs. But thanks to Maratha Stewart Living, I no longer have to strain my brain.
This is so beautiful that it brought goose bumps to my arms. I had never thought of using colors in this pattern to make it looks so modern.
I am in love with this lemon and grey combination and I am  going to try to use it in my home some how this winter. It is amazing how this pattern can be changed and refreshed to look so different. This will be going on my list for the New Year when all the decorations are put away and I need something new. So for now I will just think of a Modern Log Cabin and how it can be different! Enjoy!


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