New Years Weekend List

This weekend list has a few New Year's resolutions thrown in just to make me stick to my list and get more done this year. So let's get to it!

(1) Learn how to use my camera and take better photos. I have my wonderful Canon Rebel XS for over six months and have rarely taken the setting off of Auto.  I have wonderful book to read on the subject and have to make the time to sit down and really learn how to use this awesome camera. Also to take better photos for my blog and try to incorporate what I learn into my blog as well. (Photo, sunrise 12-31-10)
(2) Show you the results of all my projects that I blog about on Fridays. This is a bit behind the scenes that you all probably won't see. It has more about me planning time,what I blog about and what I get done. Most of the time it is a scramble for me to get more than three good projects done over the weekend, so I just need to plan better (photo of before of my latest project with book pages).
(3) Organize. Wow do I have a list of things that need to be organized. Top of the list is a linen closet that is a avalanche waiting to happen everyday. As well as a craft room that needs some help, a spare bedroom and a laundry room that desperately needs a clutter intervention. (photo from my current laundry room shelves)

(4) Projects! This is on my list for the weekend. I found these sets of charms at Joann's for .97 each and have a fun jewelry project planned. I might just start working on it after I finish typing this list. Plus I need to make a few more items to put in my Etsy shop that I hope to promote just a little more this year.

(5) Keep coming up with ideas to keep my brain busy. I think I write down about five to ten ideas everyday at work. I am constantly thinking and my brain never rests unless I am sleeping. I think sometimes people think I am too quiet and don't say much, but it is only because my brain in somewhere off thinking by itself. Anyway, I will continue to make lists as long as my brain will let me!

That is it for my New Years Weekend list. Wishing you a Healthy and Happy New Year!


  1. I am so glad that you are joining in our Operation Organization! Thanks for linking up and being a part of it! I think it's going to be a lot of fun AND we can get so much accomplished too! I look forward to seeing your progress!!

    Marni @ Sassy Sites!

  2. I found your site from Sassy Sites link party.
    I would love for you to link to my Organizing Mission Monday link party!
    Hope to see you there!


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