What could it be - Work in progress

I started a project this weekend that began looking like this bag of corks.

The I used a little glue and a very hot glue gun.
Progressed with glueing corks together to form this.
Then the most disastrous thing happened, I seriously burned the end of my finger with glue. Well that stopped the crafting in its tracks as it became uncomfortable to even try to pick up a cork. Along with the fact that I was also using utility knife, I thought it was best to stop. It has gotten a lot better but is on the tip of my finger and makes it difficult to type. Well this project, I swear will be completed over the weekend since it is a Holiday Craft. So Enjoy this and come back next week when I finish!


  1. ouchie~~can't wait to see it...I think I have a clue..


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